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Newsletter February 2018

Well, another year has started and hopefully we will see more of you at the different functions. The council meets regularly to plan and keep everything running smoothly but we need YOU the members to back us on the things we put the effort into planning and arranging. It is for you, our members, that we spend the time and effort on these events. So, come to them and enjoy! The whole purpose of this association is to foster friendship and understanding and we can’t do that alone.
The planning of the Coral Sea Service and dinner are well under way with Ron Read handling it in good fashion. It will be, as always, a good show representing the friendship between Australia and America. It is the one time that the military members of our association can wear their formal dress uniforms and decorations but is not and never has been a military dinner. It is celebration of our friendship and co-operation between the two countries which just happens to be around a military battle. So, make your plans to “rig up”, “doll up” and celebrate. Put it in your calendars for the first weekend in May.
Our monthly “Meet and Greets” are still going but this year there will be a twist. There will occasionally be speakers of interest, but we will also be traveling a wee bit. One Friday, rather than a Thursday, every three (3) months we will change venues so that our members who can’t come on Thursday can join us at a special venue. If you have a favorite place to go; then, please, share it with a council member and it can be added to the list of places to consider. We are hoping to add a little spice and variety to the M&Gs for interest. This next month March we are planning to head to Port Adelaide to the slow cooker restaurant. (I know that’s not the name, but I can’t remember it just now) A flyer will be sent out in due time with all the details. Hope to see you there for some great BBQ.
Further in the newsletter you will see pictures and stories of the events of the past year. We had a great time at most of them. I really enjoyed the baseball but to one of our English members it was not “cricket”. If you were there hopefully you have fond memories and if you weren’t there maybe next time! All of you are important to the association and I hope you realize that and will join us if able to do so.
We had to say “good-bye“, to one of our most faithful members, Nick Panos, who moved to the Northern Territory to be closer to his children. We will miss his warm smile and lovely nature. He is a great guy and we wish him well.
Hoping to see you soon,
Dana (DeDe) Stoba

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