Australian American Association in South Australia

PO Box 6714, Halifax Street SA 5000


Membership is open to those who are interested in furthering the aims of the Association, and who are interested in participating in the fellowship provided by our many social activities.

A warm invitation is extended to all of those interested in supporting the aims of the Association A special invitation is extended to all Americans living in, or visiting South Australia. If you are interested in joining, we would welcome your application for membership.

The Association offers four categories of membership viz. single, student, double/family and corporate.


  • Registration Fee (payable upon joining – includes 1 name badge) $15
  • Membership (due every year) $40

Total Fee Payable on joining $55


  • Registration Fee (payable upon joining– includes 2 name badges) $30
  • Membership (due every year) $60

Total Fee Payable on joining $90


  • Registration Fee (payable upon joining -includes 3 name badges) $45
  • Yearly Fee (Jul – Jun) $100

Total Fee Payable on joining $145

Join Now

A regular newsletter is distributed to all members, which details coming functions, President’s reports, communications from the US Embassy, social news and items of interest. All corporate members are entitled to a feature article or product announcement in each issue (size approximately one quarter A4 page).
Corporate members are entitled to three voting members at all general meetings of the Association.
If after 1st January, annual membership fee for single, double and corporate members is halved, but registration fee remains the same.