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Newsletter August 2015


Hello. I hope this finds you well and that you were able to stay warm this winter.

As you know our association has a Meet and Greet at the Caledonian Hotel in North Adelaide every second Thursday of the month. The usual time is 6pm to buy a drink and talk with others who have also come. Later ,about 7pm, we settle down to an optional dinner. The menu is quite good and reasonably priced. Dinner is usually finished about 8:15pm. It would be wonderful if more people would come and join us. It is a time to get to know others who are a part of the association.

Our council meeting is held before the Meet and Greet at 5pm at the hotel. If you want to have anything brought to our attention, it would be possible to do it then.

The Coral Sea commemoration took place on Sunday May 2nd. It was a sunny day and the service was lovely. Commander Patrick O’Brien, RAN delivered the Commemoration address. After the service, we all had cake and coffee under the rotunda.

On Friday night May 8th, we had our Coral Sea Dinner held at the Naval, Military & Air Force Club in Hutt street. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and well attended. The food was delicious. We were again honoured by Commander O’Brien who gave a very entertaining and enlightening speech.

Independence Day was celebrated on July 5th by cruising around Delphin Island. The sun was out and not a ripple on the water. Our luncheon was delicious with a choice of mains and dessert. This time we could see out the windows as it was during the day. Perhaps we may go again next year.

Then came winter and not much happened. Even our Meet and Greet patrons dwindled. Oh, for spring to bring life back to the crowds.

The council needs your help. Without the assistance of its members, who knows what will happen in the future. Relying on a few to do all the work is a dire act. We need your support and it is you, the members, who need to rally. Come to the AGM and better yet, join the council to spread the workload. Get new people to join. Bolster the numbers.

September 20th will be our AGM. It will be held at the Stoba’s at 4pm. I hope you will be there.


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