Australian American Association in South Australia

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Newsletter January 2015


Hello and welcome to our new newsletter. Since my term of office our council has been very busy working for your association.

Every month we have a meet and greet at the Caledonian Hotel in North Adelaide. 6pm is the usual time to buy a drink and talk with others who have also come. Later about 7pm we settle down to an optional dinner. The menu is quite good and has a choice for seniors. Dinner is usually finished about 8:15pm. Our council meeting is held before the meet and greet at 5pm at the hotel. If you want to have anything brought to our attention, it would be possible to do it then.

The Thanksgiving Dinner was a success. It was even a sell-out event! Turkey with stuffing, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce and vegetables was served as the main meal. The desert of choice was pumpkin pie or fruit salad if one desired. Tea, coffee and an after dinner mints finished the meal. As the dinner was so good we thought it would make a fine venue to rebook for next year. As we were the only association to be holding official Thanksgiving events, we had some out- of – town visitors joining us from San Diego California. As well, we were honoured by the attendance of our Association’s Federal President Mr. Keith Shackley. After dinner I hosted several games for guests to play. Winners were able to choose a prize for their efforts. I thank all of you and your guests who joined us for dinner. I hope you had an enjoyable evening.

December saw our Christmas event at my house. All members were treated to a feast filled with fine food. This was the one event for the year that the association made free for all paid members. Those that made it enjoyed Christmas cheer with each other. I thank those members who helped me with the food.

January will see us celebrating Australia Day by joining the parade in town. It is the annual Australia Day Parade. I hope some of you can come and help the association on the day. We will be meeting and assembling on Franklin Street near Victoria Square at 4:30pm. A group photo will take place at 5pm. Then at 6pm the march starts at the corner of Franklin Street and King William Street where we will finish at Elder Park. 7pm sees us all welcomed by the Minister followed by the National Anthem. A free concert and other activities will begin around 7:15pm.

For those who enjoy fireworks, stay until 9:45pm and you will be treated to a spectral event. I hope you will be able to join us. Please give me a call on our association’s mobile to let me know who can come. If unable to call, please just join us at the march. We want to march with our flags: Australian and American as well as our flyers. We will need help holding them. It is important that others in the city know we exist and this is a wonderful way to get our name out there. If the temperature is over 40 degrees, listen to 102.3 FM to hear what will happen due to extreme weather.

New members. We would love for all members to bring along friends or family to join our association. As some members get older and unable to attend, we need others to take their place. Perhaps your neighbour, workmate or family member would love to be part of our association.

Come along to a meet and greet and bring a new friend. I hope to see you there.


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