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Message from the Prime Minister 2017



On behalf of the Government and people of Australia, I pay tribute to the memory of all who fought in the Battle of the Coral Sea—a battle that was so crucial to our nation’s security and to the ending of the Pacific conflict and World War II.

I especially honour the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice, and acknowledge the challenges faced by the veterans who came home bearing the scars of conflict.

It is with the deepest respect that I offer the nation’s gratitude, and also my personal thanks, for their dedicated service.

Such contributions form a proud part of our nation’s naval history, carried forth by those who serve with such distinction today.

On this special anniversary, I also take the opportunity to honour the strong tradition of American-Australian partnership to which the Battle of the Coral Sea gave such expression—a bond that has grown and deepened over time through our shared commitment to security and stability.

I hope that you will find both peace and pride in this gathering of remembrance, knowing that the contributions of those who played a part in this chapter of Australia’s wartime history will never be forgotten.






The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister of Australia

13 April 2017

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